Black Hole TOM v.1.1

(Image courtesy of Ute Kraus.)

Welcome to Black Hole TOM, built using the TOM Toolkit. Github here. To build your own TOM (Target Observation Manager), check out the getting started guide.

The Black Hole TOM is an interface for viewing and sharing observational photometric and spectroscopic data of time-domain targets, and for requesting and managing follow-up observations obtained with a network of telescopes.

New features

Added a python script for external fits upload: data upload script

Added Gaia Alerts errorbars.

Microlensing model for 5-parameter fit is available in the Target details page.

Observatory details pages are accessible via the Observatories list.

0.5 arcsec matching radius is available for all observatories.

Delimiter in photometry data csv has been changed to ";" to avoid problems with parsing Observer names.

Version 1.1 (Dec.2020): processing of fits images (PSF or aperture photometry) is now available, along with photometric calibrations using Cambridge Photometric Calibration Server.


The BHTOM was built within Time-Domain Work Package of the OPTICON EC/Horizon2020 grant no. 730890.

The BHTOM is co-developed and integrated by the Akond Lab company.